Postpartum Exercise

Congratulations on the arrival of your little one and YAY for seeking out information regarding SAFE postpartum exercise.

Society may have us believe that we will be ‘back to normal’ at around 6 weeks after birth. In reality, the majority of women require longer than 6 weeks to fully recover from pregnancy and birth (up to 2 years!). On top of that, we are now also caring for a little human 24/7 so finding the time and energy to exercise may not always be as easy as pre-pregnancy.

Motherhood is a physically demanding job so tailoring your exercise to support this stage of your life is important for reducing aches, pains, injuries and pelvic floor dysfunction.

How can Empower Me Fitness help you during the postpartum period?

We work with you to ensure the exercises/activities you choose to do are safe as you recover from birth and adjust into motherhood. Everyone has a different postpartum experience so we help you monitor for signs and symptoms of pelvic floor & core dysfunction and recommend modifications or alternatives so you can achieve your postpartum exercise goals safely.

Safe Postpartum Exercise Online Course

This online course covers all you need to know about safely returning to exercise after having a baby and includes topics such as the pelvic floor and abdominal separation. It also includes a 4 week exercise plan to get you moving again after birth.

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Mums & Bubs Classes

Mums & Bubs classes are a great way to learn how to exercise safely after having baby in a welcoming and supportive environment. You’ll meet other like minded Mums and be motivated to get moving throughout the week with our class challenges.

Click here to find out more about our classes.

Personal Training


Classes not your thing? We also offer individual personalised programs for you to complete at home. This option includes regular contact with your trainer and all workouts are provided through the Empower Me Fitness app. This option is great for additional accountability and motivation and can also include nutrition.

For more information, click here. 

Pelvic Health

The postpartum period is a great time to learn more about your pelvic floor.

Why? It’s an important muscle group in your body that does a lot of the heavy lifting during pregnancy and childbirth. 1/3 of women experience pelvic floor dysfunction after having a baby so gaining a better understanding of your pelvic health now, means you can reduce your risk of developing dysfunction.

You may have heard of kegels or pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor, but did you know you can also experience dysfunction with a  pelvic floor that is too strong?

Every body is different, so that’s why at Empower Me Fitness, we recommend all women get checked by a womens health physio during pregnancy and after birth. You can find details of Women’s health physio’s in Dunedin here.

Free Guide – Understanding your Pelvic Floor

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