Pelvic Health

Our bodies are amazing and go through many changes as we grow, birth and nurture our babies. Changes to the pelvic floor and its function are common for Mums – 1/3 experience symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction. This DOES NOT have to be your new normal. If you experience leaking, urgency to go to the toilet, pelvic pain, a feeling of heaviness or bulging in the vagina, painful sex or are just feeling uncomfortable with how your body has changed, help is available.

Your Pelvic Floor Guide

Your pelvic floor does a lot of the heavy lifting during pregnancy and childbirth, so gaining a better understanding of your pelvic health now, means you can reduce your risk of developing dysfunction or the severity of your symptoms now and for the future (hello menopause!). The postpartum period is a great time to learn more about your pelvic floor.

You may have heard of kegels or pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor, but did you know you can also experience dysfunction with a  pelvic floor that is too strong?

Click on the Understanding Your Pelvic Floor Image & download your guide.  

Women’s Health Physio

:Every body is different, so that’s why at Empower Me Fitness, we recommend all women get checked by a women’s health physio during pregnancy and after birth. They are our ‘Eyes on the inside’ and can help you understand how your pelvic floor (and core) is functioning. You can see a women’s health physio either publicly (free) or privately ($). Here are your options in Dunedin.

Dunedin Hospital (Public) – Referrals from your GP or midwife.

The Core Centre – Ingrid, Ainslie & Jemma –

Pivotal Physiotherapy – Margie Campbell –

Gail Hyland – Mercy Hospital –

As a mum with pelvic floor dysfunction myself, I am always open to talk.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP)

I developed pelvic organ prolapse after my second baby. I had no idea that this was even a possibility. Having POP can have a huge impact on not only your physical capabilities but also your emotional well being.

I’ve been on my own POP journey for over a 5 years now and have spent hours and hours researching it. I now share my knowledge with other Mums so they can feel understood and supported. This is what really helped me in my journey early on.

Finding Haley Shevener was a game changer for me & really assisted with my recovery, especially the psychological aspect. Haley is a perinatal exercise expert and founder of POP Fitness Facebook group, which I highly recommend. Haley, along with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist Annemarie Everett, have created the most comprehensive guide for women with POP I have come across (POP UP – An Uplifting Guide) as well as a 12 week exercise program (POP-UP Lift).

I wish all of the information in this course was available to me at the time of diagnosis, my recovery may have been so different. Here are the links to the POP Fitness Facebook group, POP UP Guide and POP Up Lift Exercise Program.

*Disclaimer: The POP UP links are affiliate links, however, I would totally recommend POP UP anyway.

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